Hi, my name is Alanna Garcia. I am the founder and owner of Betty Rose. I am a firm believer that success comes from hard work and community support. I was lucky enough to have the support of loving professionals and clients that believed in my artistry which has been a huge source of the success of my business. I wanted to pay it forward and give other local individuals the same opportunity who have a dream to be a makeup artist. I hand select each artist and train them to learn the makeup style of Betty Rose. My goal is for all clients to leave our chair still looking like themselves and feeling beautiful. The Betty Rose team is committed to welcoming each client with open arms and creating an environment of trust on important days, such as a wedding. I look forward to working with each client and allowing you all to meet and love my Betties as much as I do! (click button above to view more work via Instagram).


Angelique Martinez is an Albuquerque native and is the Senior Betty at Betty Rose. She has been doing makeup for 4 years, assisting Alanna for 2 years, and working full time for Betty Rose since September 2017.  (click button above to view more work via Instagram).

Ashley Romero is also an Albuquerque native and a graduate of the Toni and Guy Academy. While attaining her Cosmetology license, she quickly learned makeup was one of her greatest passions. She has been doing makeup for two years and takes pride in making connections with all of her clients. Ashley's kind personality and passion for makeup allows her to thrive in creative environments. (click button above to view more work via Instagram).

Casey Flint was the first Betty to work for Alanna and is currently based out of Atlanta. Advance notice is needed in order to book a wedding with Casey in New Mexico. Casey is one of the most hard working individuals the Betty Rose team has ever come across and is a true professional. Casey's acute attention to detail, intuitive nature, and ability to get to know people, makes her a joy to work with.